The $100 Startup

I listen to a lot of audio books, most of which are on some topic of business. One of my favorites is Chris Guillebeau’s The $100 Startup. In fact, I’m now enjoying it for a third time. (I love Audible) It is filled with examples of people who have an idea, startup a business on nearly nothing and then make it pay the bills, and sometimes a lot more than just the bills.

Now a joke:
How do you get an elephant into a Safeway bag?

You take the S out of Safe and F out of way…

you're right…  there is no F’in way.

Yes, I’m so funny I kill me. But, it still leads to my first point. Most people won’t even think about starting a business, let alone do it. “There’s just no F’in way I could start a business.” Well that just isn’t so and The $100 Startup illustrates it.

There are people who started out with very little investment and made it work, and Chris found out how they did it. Yet, it’s more than just starting a business and making money, it’s about doing what is meaningful to you and then making some money, sometimes a lot of money.

The book has 50 case studies of people who have started a successful business on very little investment. Most of these aren’t anything special. One was a ski instructor that made some instructional DVDs, and another was the trash collection service of two kids, granted, it wasn’t a big cash cow.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

Here’s the big take away from The $100 Startup; when it comes down to planning and action, action is where you find success, not planning. Here is an example that you can get free from the $100 Startup website.

$100 Startup Business Plan

Yes, one page, that’s all it takes to get the planning done and move on to action. I’ve heard it said that the only difference between goals and dreams is that goals are written down. That’s the purpose of this business plan, solidify that goal and make it real; then move on to execution.

I highly recommend The $100 Startup for anyone who is unhappy in their current job, looking to make a difference and live a life of meaning.

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