What’s this all about?

It seems like every time that I discover a new facet of business acumen I tell my family, “I think I’m going to write a book about ‘X'”. Yeah well… that never has happened. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I have more ideas than I have time or I have a hang up on having everything lined out and ready to go before starting. Whatever it is, this blog is my way around all that.
Why not write some other way? Well, I’m pretty much burned out on social media. Too much fluff and ads, not enough substance. So I am going to give blogging a go. No need for a detailed outline, no writing plan but more substance than a tweet.
If you are anything like me, you don’t have the time to read a book anyway, five minutes to read a post, well that’s different.

So, here we go; welcome to my blog.

Jeff Ussing

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